Lavage de vitres National is proud of its success today and its illustrious past...

In 1923, motivated by a desire to start his own company, Joseph Rouleau left his birthplace, île d'Orléans, to establish himself in Quebec City's Saint-Sauveur district. After meeting up with a certain « Mr. Jobin » from Quebec City, the two young men decided to open a window cleaning business.

In accordance with a common business practice of the early 20th century, they decided to give the new company an English name: « Frontenac window cleaning co. » A few years later, the two partners decided to go their separate ways, and Joseph Rouleau carried on under the name:Lavage de vitres National.

In the first years of operation, Joseph would ride his bicycle to work through the Saint-Sauveur and Saint-Roch neighbourhoods of Quebec City. This allowed him to easily spot newly established companies and offer them his window cleaning services.

Many years later, two of his sons joined Joseph, and the family business began to flourish and expand. Gaston and Roland, both gifted with keen business savvy, made valuable contributions to the development of the company. The 50s, 60s, and 70s were very productive years for the enterprise, which grew by leaps and bounds. During this era, Lavage de vitres National was one of very few companies to offer a window cleaning service that concentrated on impeccable execution and excellent client service. Those very successful years allowed the company to solidify its reputation and the brother duo became very well known in the Quebec City business community.

Today, the company continues its development under the direction of Alain, Roland's sons. The third generation of this family enterprise carries on with the traditional business philosophy.

For over 90 years, the success of the company has been based on the following mission:

Offer a high quality of service, while paying close attention to the well-being of the employees, who are critical partners in success.